site map

a simplified overview of my site! Pages marked with asterisks (*) have different layouts from the main one I'm using (but all of them are still mobile-friendly).

  • Home - the site's landing page!
  • About - my about page! meet the user type stuff.
  • Blog - more detailed site updates / personal rambles corner of all my mundane life happenings.
  • Links - Full list of fun links to other sites, future webrings, and resources!
  • Interests - The place where you can find my fanpages!
  • Art - My art gallery! This is where you can find my featured works as well as an archive.
    • Featured - Recent art that I'm really proud of!
    • Archive - Not gonna link all of the years individually here, but yeah! You can find the full list of archive pages by year in the art link.
  • Stories - An overview of all my story projects! Mostly WIP right now. In the meantime the most info you can find on them is in my toyhouse!
  • OCs - An overview of each and every one of my active characters! Each of their links takes you to their respective profiles.