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  • oct 26
    added page: LOATM lore page, LOATM gallery page
    updated page: LOATM homepage, LOATM cast page, aidan's page, theia's page, deja's page
  • oct 25
    updated page: aidan's page
  • oct 8
    added page: site info
    updated page: homepage, about page
  • oct 7
    updated page: theia's page
  • oct 4
    updated page: art hub page, works hub page, interests page, 404 page, homepage
  • oct 1
    updated page: homepage, links
  • sept 30
    updated page: LOATM homepage, cast page, Deja Vu's page
  • sept 29
    updated page: Oliz's page
  • sept 28
    updated page: LOATM homepage, LOATM misc page, LOATM cast page
  • sept 27
    updated page: LOATM homepage, LOATM misc page
  • sept 15
    added page: guestbook
    updated page: homepage, links
  • sept 13
    updated page: site map, story page, 404 page
  • sept 11
    updated page: LOATM
  • sept 9
    updated page: homepage
  • sept 8
    updated page: ozzy
  • aug 31
    added blog page for august 2023
    updated pages: blog, homepage
  • aug 30
    updated pages: scarlet, natasha
  • aug 29
    added 2014 art page
  • aug 27
    updated pages: Sunshine
  • aug 19
    updated pages: TIA's homepage, misc page, cast page, Capcot
  • aug 18
    updated pages: TIA, Sunshine
  • aug 16
    updated page structure: will wood
  • aug 11
    updated page structure: featured gallery, art hub!
  • aug 9
    updated page structure: changelog!! hooray for collapsibles!! daisymark, 2013 art page, existing blog pages
  • aug 7
    updated homepage, css, interests, about, oc page
  • aug 6
    added blog pages for january, february + march + july 2023
    updated blog page
  • aug 5
    added blog pages for march + april, october, november, december 2022
    updated blog page
  • aug 4
    added a favicon for the main section of the site
    updated page structures: interests, ocs, art, works, about, map
  • aug 3
    updated homepage sections, links
  • aug 2
    updated page structures: changelog, blog, homepage
  • jul 22
    added Tobii lightbox to daisymark and ozzy's pages
    updated TIA, ozzy, daisymark, oc pages
  • jul 18
    added oc page: daisymark
  • jul 16
    updated blog page
  • jul 13
    added oc page: ozzy
    updated tia pages, loatm css
  • jul 12
    updated story, ocs, art, and homepage
  • jul 11
    added site archive pages
    updated about, links, map, interests, works, and 404 pages
  • jul 10
    good. LORD. 5TH LAYOUT OH MY GOD !!!!!!
    added works, changelog page
    added themes for main site sections
  • apr 3
    updated LOATM css, LOATM main, misc, and cast pages
    updated site map, oc page, links page, and story page
  • mar 9
    added new blog entries
    updated blog page structure
  • jan 28
    added LOATM misc page
    updated LOATM main page and LOATM css
  • jan 24
    updated about me page, interests page, and home page
  • jan 19
    remade code and layout for main LOATM page
  • jan 15
    updated TIA page
    updated blog page
  • jan 14
    added TIA misc page
    updated TIA css and main page
  • jan 11
    added footer js, links
    updated home page and site map
    cleaned up main css
  • jan 4
    updated interests page
    updated LOATM and TIA pages
  • jan 2
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! added some links
    Changed the guestbook link
    updated blog tags page
  • dec 29
    added nat and sunshine's pages
    updated yesterday's character pages and LOATM and TIA pages
  • dec 28
    added oc pages: oliz, theia, and scarlet
    updated deja vu's page and LOATM and TIA pages
  • dec 23
    updated will wood page
  • dec 22
    updated will wood page and site map
  • dec 20
    added electric dreams and will wood interest pages
  • dec 18
    added interests landing page, shipwrecked comedy and ace attorney pages
    added widget
  • dec 15
    added music players, added more stuff to LOATM and TIA pages
    updated links page, about page and the nav order for every page
  • dec 14
    updated site map, 404 error page, links page, and nav order
  • dec 9
    added guestbook, links, and ocs page
    updated featured art page and stories page
  • dec 8
    added oc page: capcot
    updated sidebar layout, homepage, and gallery modals
    made a site button
  • dec 6
    added LOATM cast, TIA cast pages
    updated...SO MANY THINGS (every existing page at this point)...4th LAYOUT BABYYYY!!!
  • nov 27
    added tia page and 2013 art page
    updated home page, about page, and archive page
    rearranged and updated navigation (on some of the pages), decided that blog updates will just be notified in the blog page instead of also putting it here
  • nov 25
    added comms page, overview page, loatm page, and back to top button to some of the pages
    updated blog, about, gallery, archive pages
  • nov 20
    added archives page
    updated blog, about, and gallery modals
  • nov 17
    added gallery page
    updated blog
  • nov 12
    added site map page
    updated about, blog, navigation, and 404 page
  • oct 25
    added 404 and about page, added dropdown navs
    updated blog page
    created 3rd layout (im so sorry sdkjhfs)
  • oct 6
    added blog page
  • oct 4
    created 2nd layout
  • apr 30
    created 1st layout
  • mar 4
    registered and made this site!