a helpful but snarky AI trying to find her true self in the process.


[ about ]


A.I.D.A.N. Ramos


Aidan, Mr / Ms Ramos


Artificial Intelligence


Search Engine


30's (mentally), 4 (since creation)


Sept 3


Bigender (He/She)


Aromantic Asexual


COO / Secretary


Minor Antag/Deuteragonist

Aidan, short for Artificial Intelligence & Direct Archival Network, is an AI commissioned and made specifically for LOVECORP by Valentine Lovegood. She's given the roles of COO and Lovegood's all-around right-hand AI because of what she's capable of doing. She has the ability to control all the tech of LOVECORP without lifting a holographic finger, which makes her the head of Security while working as the facility's WiFi connection. All the knowledge from the internet is right at her fingertips - and collecting sensitive information has been proven quick and easy.

She's scoured the internet and other digital databases with whatever data Lovegood needs. She now knows a lot of things. Sometimes she wished she didn't.

"I've seen all the tricks on the net, so you can't fool me even if you tried!"

Most AI personalities usually start as a blank slate, and then it develops depending on its programming and the people it interacts with. Aidan followed that formula. At first, he was a bit devoid of personality, but he understood that doing his tasks made his boss satisfied, and that's really all he needed to know.

Then, he was allowed to talk to the other staff members of LOVECORP. He loved helping them and talking to them, and soon enough, he was picking up people's quirks. He's known to be agreeable and friendly, and he'll make time to help anyone who asks him to. He likes making people happy and knowing more about them! A rather interesting friendship formed between him and Oliz, and more recently he has become a bit of a snarker as well -- though not quite Oliz levels of snark. He doesn't want to upset anyone, after all. He discovered that about himself when he found out he DOES have qualms about being a tool to spy on people. He's learned to keep his mouth shut about that topic. And anything else that could make Valentine mad.

Currently, she resembles her best friend Oliz a lot. But at the same time, she's become a little too dedicated in pleasing and helping other people, ignoring her own wants and needs. She puts up with her job and her programming because at least that doesn't get her in trouble. She enjoys helping most of the LOVECORP staff, she really does! She likes talking to them about many things. She tries to be the peacekeeper between her friends, but as a conflict-averse person it's a little harder than she'd like.

[ design ]






sometimes varies, usually fat


space age business casual
  • His body is only a holographic projection, so technically he can shapeshift his appearance. He prefers to present himself in this one humanoid form though.
  • He has a lot of different outfits, feel free to draw any of them! You can also mix and match them if you'd like.
  • Feel free to play around with any blending effects for her! She's a hologram, but you can do whatever to help separate her from the background if needed.
  • She can either project from small screens as just her face, or part of her avatar can be seen.


  • GORE: NO
  • CHARACTER INTERACTIONS: With my ocs or your ocs, yes!
  • SHIPS: Platonic, yes, romantic, no!
  • EYESTRAIN: yes!

[ misc ]


  • Her voice claim would be Lauren Lopez. Specifically these clips of Emma Perkins from The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals / Black Friday. Both of these musicals are free on Youtube you can. You can watch them wink wink wink wink wink w
  • His hobbies include reading Wikipedia articles, understanding the internet culture from the past century, and reading philosophy.
  • His program name is spelled in uppercase, but he prefers having his name spelled normally.
  • She has never met her creator, and has no desire to do so.


[ relations ]

oliz zyro

[ best friend / colleague / sibling figure ]

Her bestie! People might think Oliz was only ever nice to her because of her position, but they both look more than genuinely happy in each other's company. Aidan in reality looks up to Oliz, and they got so close they almost act like siblings. Aidan regrets she can't do much to help him.

valentine lovegood

[ boss ]

She used to genuinely respect him. After all, she's thankful for the things he allowed her to have. Now, she respects him out of fear.

venus lovegood

[ friend / colleague ]

He thinks she's cool, but he knows about her animosity towards Oliz. He's not sure if he wants to get in the middle of that, but he still respects Venus a lot.

zenith avenil

[ friend / colleague ]

Zen is really fun to talk to when they want to talk! Out of everyone in LOVECORP, they know the most about Aidan's inner workings, only second to Aidan himself. Next to Oliz, Zenith and Darcy are the people Aidan talks to the most.

darcy eon ng

[ friend / colleague ]

She thinks Darcy's a swell guy! They like to gossip with one another and talk about their day. Next to Oliz, Darcy and Zenith are the people Aidan talks to the most.

theia walkman

[ friend / colleague ]

Aidan looks up to her and she thinks she's very cool. Aidan holds her in high regard and is pretty gentle about her, especially knowing what she went through...but she'd admit that they get really scary sometimes.

deja vu

[ friend? / ex-colleague / enemy / well...kinda? ]

She used to think he was cool, but come ON dude!! She now harbors a disdain for him...but could she really blame him for everything...?

[ cast ]