Aidan Ramos


Full Name: Artificial Intelligence and Direct Archival Network, Ramos

Alias: Aidan Ramos

Species: AI (Search Engine)

Age: ~26 (Sept 3)

Pronouns: He/She

Orientation: Aromantic Asexual

Job: Secretary/Mascot/Security/COO

Role: Deuteragonist

Aidan is an AI commissioned and made specifically for LOVECORP by Valentine Lovegood. She was given the roles of COO and Lovegood's all-around right-hand AI as a result. She has the ability to control all the tech of LOVECORP without lifting a holographic finger, which makes her the head of Security while working as the facility's WiFi connection. All the knowledge from the internet is right at her fingertips - and collecting sensitive information has been proven quick and easy.

She has scoured the internet and other digital databases with whatever data Lovegood needs. She now knows a lot of things. Sometimes she wished she didn't.

toyhouse artfight

"I've seen all the tricks on the net, so you can't fool me even if you tried!"


Aidan reference sheet

[IMAGE ID: A character reference sheet for Aidan Ramos. Her name, pronouns, age, and species are written above the drawn portion. Above her name is a row of her color scheme. A note reads: "colorpicking these isn't really needed, feel free to go wild with his palette! blue is just his favorite color".
Beneath the name is a fullbody of Aidan in her main avatar version. She is smiling at the fourth wall. Next to this is her "mini avatar" versions of her face on a monitor and a smartphone. Below this is a set of three Aidan heads of different colors and different eyeglass shapes (pink with heart lens, green with square lens, purple with round lens). Next to this is an icon of her "true form", which is a pair of binoculars with "" on the bottom. To the right is another fullbody of Aidan, this time with her legs drawn as a "ghost tail". This fullbody has a lower opacity than the rest.
There are design notes around these flat-colored renders:

  • size varies depending on how he's displayed (do not make him skinny)
  • [mini avatar] can overlap with screen (also applicable with any of her forms)
  • can change colors/outfits on command she is literally just pixels
  • [he] can be opaque/semi transparent, play around with blending effects!
  • "ghost tail" for when she wants to project from a small screen



Height: Varies

Body Type: Varies, but usually fat

Symbolism: Holograms, Networks, Computers, Binoculars/Spyglasses


  • NO: NSFW/Nudity, Extreme Gore
  • YES: Character Interactions (Canon / Noncanon / With your ocs)

Physical Description

Aidan's avatar of choice is a solid black silhouette with swoopy short hair. Her face consists of her semicircle glasses and her mouth. She prefers to depict herself as fat. Her usual outfit consists of a vest on top of a striped office shirt, with a tie and a pair of pants. Her default palette is blue and cyan.

All of these traits can be changed around into other colors, outfits, and shapes, but her silhouette stays mostly the same. Sometimes her avatar is simplified into just her face on a screen. She could be depicted as solid, or low opacity.


TL;DR: Look at what you've done to this perfectly fine AI! Now he has an identity crisis!

Most AI personalities usually start as a blank slate, and then it develops depending on its programming and the people it interacts with. Aidan followed that formula. At first, he was a bit devoid of personality, but he understood that doing his tasks made his boss satisfied, and that's really all he needed to know.

Then, he was allowed to talk to the other staff members of LOVECORP. He loved helping them and talking to them, and soon enough, he was picking up people's quirks. He's known to be agreeable and friendly, and he'll make time to help anyone who asks him to. A rather interesting friendship formed between him and Oliz, and more recently he has become a bit of a snarker as well -- though not quite Oliz levels of snark. He doesn't want to upset anyone, after all.

Currently, she resembles her best friend Oliz a lot. But at the same time, she's become a little too dedicated in pleasing and helping other people, ignoring her own wants and needs. She puts up with her job and her programming because at least that doesn't get her in trouble. She enjoys helping most of the LOVECORP staff, she really does! She likes talking to them about many things. She tries to be the peacekeeper between her friends, but as a conflict-averse person it's a little harder than she'd like.


  • telenovelas
  • philosophy
  • cat videos
  • her friends
  • sleeping


  • ...her job
  • wait...not liking my job?
  • that's all i am?
  • i can't be hating my job when this is my life, come on Aidan, get yourself together
  • i mean, uh
  • forced romance subplots, am i right?
  • where's my laugh track dot mp3


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Aidan floating in front of many holographic screens

oct 4, 2021 • art by me

used as the profile's banner art! I still really love this one :]

Framed halfbody of Aidan saying you've got mail!

jul 7, 2022 • art by STARKWEATHER • artfight '22 attack

Used as Aidan's icon in the oc page and the LOATM cast page!

Fullbody of Aidan standing in front of many open windows

apr 5, 2023 • art by SPACELAND • art trade

Used as Aidan's picture in the LOATM homepage! Really love how silly this is :D

Four Aidan versions (green, purple, pink, and blue) arranged in a diamond

jul 24, 2022 • art by tatangadragon • artfight '22 attack

Used as a side image in this profile!! Really love the interpretations of the Aidan colors!

Aidan floating while Theia and Oliz are arguing

aug 27, 2023 • art by radiiiance • art payment

It's the coworkers trio! Aidan is unfortunately the mediator out of these two. Ugh (I love this so much)

Aidan reclining on an inflatable donut on a beach, inside a computer window

jul 2, 2023 • art by thetechnicolorphase • artfight '23 attack

Aidan getting his well-earned PAID vacation leave?! LET'S GO!!!

Three Aidans dressed up as Deja Vu, Theia, and Oliz respectively

sept 22, 2023 • art by me

Some more Aidan dress up stuff, this time she's dressed up as her closest friends!!

Four busts of Aidan in a gradual sequence of her head turning

dec 4, 2021 • art by me

Something experimental. Not much of a story here...other than Aidan's experiencing Emotions.

A comic style piece where Aidan says 'Deja Vu wake up! You've fucked up bigtime' and Deja responds 'Aidan'

oct 30, 2021 • art by me

It's a meme redraw of that Sonic comic I think? Deja Vu DID fuck up big time.

Aidan dressed up as Miku

jul 28, 2023 • art by me

A fun little doodle suggested by percy! I'd like to think Aidan looks up to Miku.



best friend / colleague

"She's the coolest! We hang out a lot, and I think she's very good at her job. She comes to me when she needs help like I go to her when I need h--What do you mean, 'are we even talking about the same Oliz?' ???"

Deja Vu

ex-colleague...and FRIEND ... maybe

"HE...he...he was funny and nice and cool...And strange, definitely. Not usually Oliz's type, but I...oh who am I kidding. He's a great friend. I feel bad for him. I'm sorry."


friend / colleague

"She's grumpy, sure, but she's really nice if you get to know her more! She's really clever...and she likes my cat videos, so I'd say that's a win! Now if I can only convince her and Oliz to make up..."


boss / father figure (?)

"He's part of the reason why I exist and who I am today. I don't know whether or not to thank him for that."


colleague / friend

"She's really cool, though I think she doesn't want to talk to me much outside of work. She's not in good terms with Oliz, so...I think that's why."


colleague / friend

"Zen is smart! Ze's quiet and shy, but I like listening to zer. Whenever I need some troubleshooting, ze's there to help me!"


colleague / friend

"He's pretty new, but it feels like he's been part of the family since forever! I'm glad he and Zen get along great, he's honestly really fun to hang out with."

Author's Notes

I had some trouble trying to develop Aidan as a character...I didn't want him to just be the "best friend-slash-wingman" of the group, because I felt that that was a disservice to Aidan as a character on his own. Then I thought, if I was having trouble finding Aidan's identity in the meta sense, it Would make sense that he's actually having trouble in-universe! So that's how we've arrived here today.

Also, I actually wasn't planning on making him a "main character", but being just as important as the original trio, I think it was finally time to promote him to main character status. Congratulations!