The (almost) complete cast of LOATM! Categorized by groups/companies, except for the main trio.


The main three characters, sometimes affectionately called the LOATM trifecta. They're the main points of view of the story.

[ deja vu ]

the upbeat time machine who wants to figure out his past.

[ oliz ]

a talented Aresian engineer who will never let themselves fail.

[ theia ]

a passionate astroneer aiming to quench her planetary vengeance.


As Neodale's number one technological megacorporation, LOVECORP's brand can be seen all over the city, and not one citizen is unaware of its name. They're focused on manufacturing various gadgets for all aspects of life, whether it be for personal use, for work use, or for the military, LOVECORP has you covered! Its current head is Valentine Lovegood, who inherited the family company from his father.

[ aidan ]

a helpful but snarky AI trying to find her true self in the process.

[ valentine ]

the charismatic CEO of LOVECORP who hides his ruthlessness from the eyes of the public.

[ venus ]

the prodigal daughter of Valentine who keeps getting cast in the shadows.

[ zenith ]

a proficient but softspoken director of LOVE CORP who's yet to find their true calling.

[ darcy ]

the fun-loving and lighthearted assistant of Zenith.


An expansive company dedicated to spearheading state-of-the-art space travel and technology. They have multiple branches all across the globe and all across the Solar System -- well, at least until the farthest planet they got to reach for the time being. They have a partnership with LOVECORP as the corporation supplies them with resources for their own space studies.

[ astraea ]


[ ezor ]


[ nitro ]


[ mocco ]



Other characters that aren't as prominent/aren't included in the other groups.

[ gaia ]


[ zero ]


[ jupiter ]


[ soma ]



Various individuals of interest who has seemingly disappeared from present time. All of them are suspected to be time travelers without proper clearance or permission to do so, but only one is confirmed to be a time traveler. It is unclear whether or not they are connected to each other.

[ 001 ]


[ 002 ]


[ 003 ]


[ 004 ]


[ 005 ]


[ 006 ]


[ 007 ]