Theia Walkman

Profile Warnings

  • Mentions of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Eye Trauma (?) Her left eye is not visible under the mutations. But she also cries blood


Full Name: Theia Walkman

Alias: Ms. Walkman

Species: Aresian/Human

Age: 32 (Jul 1)

Pronouns: She/They

Orientation: Pansexual

Job: Astrophysicist, Engineer

Role: Main Antagonist/Protagonist

Theia Walkman is a bitter reflection of who she once was. She was an astronaut-slash-engineer who worked for Nova Odyssey, but after a fatal accident she had to retire very early into her career. Her spaceship crashed on Mars, nearby a radiation site, which mutated some of her body parts into biochemical terrors...or wonders, depending on who you ask. The impact injured her severely that she fell into a short coma, then woke up with one eye intact and with spikes portruding her body that hurt immensely. Looking back, it doesn't hurt as much as the realization that she was left behind.

To her credit, she tried to focus on herself and her mother. Hospital visits are expensive, and she doesn't have time to think of anything else...until a certain director comes knocking on her door and giving her the opportunity of a lifetime: She gets to hunt down the one that got away, and earn enough to pay off her debts. Didn't take her long to agree. After all, she's the only one that can do this.

toyhouse artfight

"I'll make sure that I won't let you go this time. And this time, we'll come crashing down together."


theia reference sheet

[IMAGE ID: A character reference sheet for Theia Walkman. Her name, pronouns, age, and species are written. Above her name is a row of her color scheme.

Beneath the name is a fullbody of Theia wearing her main outfit, her space-time suit. She has an annoyed expression. To the right of this is a halfbody of Theia with her arms transformed into a spiked hammer and an axe. She has an outraged expression. To the right of the halfbody is another fullbody of Theia wearing casual clothes, her hair down, and her glasses removed.

There are design notes around these flat-colored renders:

  • eye spike faces wherever is convenient (usually to her left)
  • patterns and spike locations do not need to be exact
  • has a tooth gap
  • can freely transform her arms and hands (but mass generally stays the same)
  • [in the picture, she has] no glasses (refuses to change them)
  • shirt can have any space/floral theme


Designer: Solobodor

Height: 5'11"

Body Type: Muscular, Broad Shoulders

Symbolism: Planets/Rocks, Explosions, Red Colors, Flowers


  • NO: NSFW/Nudity, Extreme Gore
  • YES: Character Interactions (Canon / Noncanon / With your ocs), Blood definitely

Physical Description

Theia Walkman is a tall, broad-shouldered Novean Aresian/Human hybrid. She is covered in white, short fur. Her hair is fluffier, curlier, and bigger in volume than her body fur. She has long curly hair that she often ties up into a ponytail. She has light green teeth, and she has a tooth gap on the upper right side of her teeth. Her right eye has a green sclera and a red iris. She has visible freckles on her right cheek. The left side of her face is scarred and mutated with a rocky substance. There are circular patterns on the scarring, much like craters on planet surfaces. There is a multi-pronged spike where her left eye should be. The rocky mutation and its circular patterns can also be seen from her shoulders up to her palms. Spikes grow out of the red rock area. Her fingers are white.

They mainly wear their space-time suit, which looks like a spacesuit with green shades and red accents. Their casual clothes do not have a set style, but they tend to lean to more comfortable clothes. Due to her arms, though, they don't wear sleeves. Sometimes the shirts are ripped at the shoulder area, or they're sleeveless.


TL;DR: Abrasive, easy to anger, but passionate and ultimately selfless. Voted easiest to succumb to corruption via extreme devotion.

Theia is short-tempered and aggressive, both in their words and in their actions. They're easily irritated by the smallest things and they tend to snap at others when they're only fucking around. But they are quite efficient with their work, they know what they're good at and they stick by that. They used to have their nerves together under pressure, but ever since the accident, they're more prone to lashing out. They're harder to work with because of this, and aside for her keeping mostly to herself all her life, her trust is much, much harder to earn this time around.

They're not very shy about how they feel, too. They're brutal and honest and brutally honest, and they're not ashamed about their anger. They hate being tossed around and they'll quickly put their foot down with whatever it takes. They're not the one that usually starts a physical fight, but they know their strength and they won't hesitate to beat people's asses into tomorrow. They are passionate about a lot of things, and underneath their spiky facade lies an almost selfless person who cares deeply for those close to them. They'll fight for them if necessary. They'll do anything for the people they love.


  • plants
  • tea
  • geology
  • working on projects
  • cats


  • that fucking asshole
  • that other fucking asshole
  • time travelling
  • her nightmares
  • the fact that she can't go to space anymore...


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Theia halfbody looking for something, Deja Vu and Oliz are in the background

jul 1, 2022 • art by Chocolatewoosh • artfight '22 attack

used as the profile banner art, and as Theias's icon in the oc page and the LOATM cast page! Drawn for Theia's birthday, fitting stuff.

Theia halfbody in the middle of throwing a punch

mar 8, 2022 • art by jenson • art trade

Used as Theia's picture in the LOATM homepage! Love the pose on this one!

Theia halfbody looking annoyed at the viewer

jun 12, 2023 • art by Slimespecter • art trade

Really like this sketch of Theia :] she is Pissed!!

Theia standing in a poster-like illustration

jul 1, 2022 • art by Solobodor • artfight '22 attack

Also a gift for Theia's birthday :D ! Supermassive Black Hole is a great song...also I LOVE the reference in the background

Theia headshot looking furious at the viewer

oct 9, 2021 • art by Supertoystoryfan • commission

This expression is still one of my favorites...Theia my angry queen...

Theia and Oliz posing for their mugshots with colorful clothes

may 27, 2023 • art by me

My first artwork made in Paint Tool Sai 2! I did one of those Barbie mugshot redraws.

Theia painterly icon screaming to the sky

nov 7, 2021 • art by me

A thing for Theia's Spotify playlist...I wasn't able to do more for the other guys but this was fun!

Nova Odyssey group photo

may 1, 2023 • art by me

Ahh...Nova Odyssey. This was when Theia was still part of the organization. From left to right: Astraea, Ezor, Theia, Mocha, and Nitro.

Theia taking a picture of a planet

jan 9, 2022 • art by me

Fun little background practice! I was inspired by those old sci-fi pulp covers.

Oliz sitting on a chair with a glass of wine with a smug expression

aug 4, 2021 • art by me

One of the very first artworks I made while I was brainstorming the plot for the first time! This was the first one, before I made Oliz's and Deja's...this was what kickstarted almost everything really.


Deja Vu


"Heard that he's stirring up trouble. Again. I don't know or care for it. I'll be the one to beat some sense into him. Maybe then he can remember what happened."


boss colleague / annoyance

"You know, I didn't really think much about him when I first met him. Now I know that he's a massive prick who's not fit to be the leader at all. He's a fuckin' nightmare to work with! I don't know why I can't get him off my mind!"


colleague / ...friend...tentatively

"She's...more tolerable, surprisingly. She's nice and she doesn't grate on my nerves...I have no idea why she chooses to hang around Zyro."


(upper) boss

"Technically he is my boss and I work under him...temporarily...but with all due respect, he's an asshole. I can't believe I'm saying this but I prefer being stuck with Zyro than him."



"I haven't seen her since...I can't make her worry about me. I'll get us both out of this. I...I miss her so much..."

Author's Notes

Look. I love her so bad. Her introduction to the cast definitely changed the course of LOATM as we know it, and I'm so happy that she's here. She gets the brunt of the Angst Machine (sorry Theia) but she'll figure out a way to get out of this. She's just so damn full of love and I am giving her a smooch right now