sci-fi | drama | comedy (PG-16)

content warnings for:
death, violence, strong language, implied abuse, themes of mental illness

A time traveller's biggest weakness is their own regrets.

Deja Vu is on the journey of remembering what he was made for. He receives a clue--presumably from his creator--that he only realizes in time that it lead him to his worst enemies. He is now on the run trying to figure out his past AND trying to avoid his enemies at the same time, carrying with him an unlikely ally who has issues of her own. Will he be able to face his past when he eventually arrives to the truth behind his existence?

the setting

Neodale, the main backdrop of this story, is also known as the City of Tomorrow. It's a very populated city bustling with rich cultures mixed with technology that has become integral in the citizens' lives. The citizens themselves are a mix of humans, aliens, and robots from all walks of life. It is also where the main headquarters of LOVECORP, the nation's biggest tech corporation, is located.

Neodale is also known for leading time travel research (also known as chronophysics), even though it's still in its infancy sometime in the early 23rd century. The two legendary pioneers that arrived in the far far present were only able to share a fraction of their research before they disappeared again. Different companies and groups tried to follow in their footsteps, but only in slow intervals. But it's only inevitable that it will be available for public use. It's very profitable after all!

Unless there were people that wanted to stop this from happening, because perhaps it MIGHT be a bad idea to take advantage of an unstable science for profit. But for now, nobody has succeeded in stopping them...

the main characters

deja vu






author's notes

Hello! Gene here, and thank you so much for checking out this silly thing I'm working on. This story has been gripping my brain since 2021 and refuses to let go anytime soon. I'm very excited to bring it to completion, as its story means a whole lot to me. I hope you guys will enjoy LOATM as much as much as I enjoy making it. If you need to go back, the links in the footer should take you to the relevant pages. Hope you have fun lurking around!

header art is made by Solobodor, and the little nav icon is made by Geoledgy!