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Will Wood is a musician from New Jersey. I think. His band was previously named Will Wood and The Tapeworms, which was simplified for reasons that are out of my awareness. His music encompasses a lot of genres depending on what he wants to sing about. His albums tend to have a theme with them and thus they tend to feel pretty unique from one another. I'd describe his music as a whole as rock/jazz/folk/some guy singing and or screaming about a lot of things. His earlier works are a lot more chaotic (Everything is A Lot, SELF-iSH, The Real Will Wood) while his later works are much less in-your-face but a lot more personal and raw (The Normal Album, in case i make it,). Case in point, exactly three songs from his discography got me crying and they're all from ICIMI. He's also one of the main artists to make the original soundtrack for Camp Here and There, a horror/comedy podcast.

He's going to release a live album called In Case I Die which includes his performances on his most recent ICIMI tour, as well as some unreleased songs that should have been released in ICIMI but wasn't. After that he has gone on record that he will go on an indefinite hiatus.

FIRST SONG: Mr. Capgras Encounters a Secondhand Vanity

FAVE ALBUMS: in case i make it, The Normal Album

FAVE SONGS: Marsha, Thankk You For The Dialectics, Against the Kitchen Floor, 2012, The First Step, Tomcat Disposables

I've put a playlist on this page of my personal favorites and song recommendations for those who are interested in listening to this band! Full list:

  1. Tomcat Disposables - in case i make it
  2. Marsha, Thankk You For The Dialectics, But I Need You To Leave. - The Normal Album
  3. Mr. Capgras Encounters a Secondhand Vanity: Tulpamancer's Prosopagnosia/Pareidolia (As Direct Result of Trauma to the Fusiform Gyrus) - SELF-iSH
  4. 6up 5oh Cop-Out (Pro-Con) - Everything is a Lot
  5. White Noise - in case i make it
  6. Suburbia Overture - Greetings from the Mary Bell Township! / (Vampire) Culture / Love Me, Normally - The Normal Album
  7. The Song with Five Names, a.k.a. Soapbox Tao, a.k.a. Checkmate Atheists! a.k.a. Neospace Government, a.k.a. You Can Never Know - SELF-iSH
  8. The First Step - Everything is a Lot

And yes, he really does name his songs with ridiculously long names sometimes.

personal history

In 2019, a Shipwrecked friend introduced me to Lemon Demon. This sparked my interest in listening to songs and actually thinking a lot about the meaning behind it. I eventually got into making character playlists, which introduced me to more artists. Though I wouldn't start making real character playlists until the guys from LOATM gripped my brain so hard I needed to give them music to associate with. This was around the latter half of 2021. While I was making a playlist for Deja Vu on spotify, I came across Mr Capgras. I thought it was neat.

January 2022 was when I really looked more into his work, starting with SELF-iSH...and the rest is history.

Will Wood's discography has heavily inspired one of my main projects, Therefore I Am. Listening to his music is NOT necessary to get into my own work though.