A sci-fi/romance movie from 1984 that follows some guy's adventure when he accidentally brings his computer to sentience. He employs the computer's help in getting this lady's heart, but the computer wants his due credit. Despite what the movie wants you to think, the computer is bisexual and polyamorous.

It's a really cheesy and corny movie that has a strong musical theme but it's not Entirely a Musical. I think there was a stageplay of this movie once? It's honestly a perfect format for this. Anyways, it's far from perfect, but my god this was just so fascinating to watch. The computer is named Edgar, and he is VERY delightful and easily my favorite character from the movie. If you look up posters for this movie, none of the Edgar drawings/graphics actually matched what he looked like in the movie, but fans like to depict him in the "devil" version most frequently. I can't blame them because it fits him like a glove KJSDFH

Some of the music made specifically for this movie actually took off in mainstream charts, but for some reason the movie itself was largely unknown. Heck, I recognized Together in Electric Dreams before I watched the movie! The soundtrack slaps a lot. Very cool

The whole movie is available to watch for free on Youtube HERE.


Best friend-now-partner recommended this to me and that's basically it KJDHFSD


Background image by Lorenzo Herrera (unsplash)