miscellaneous stuff

Here's my story ramblings and thoughts that I'm willing to share for now!

how it all started

Deja Vu has existed since 2015, but I knew I'll eventually make a story about him in my own original universe instead of Inside Out. However, I never really got to making a real plot up until late 2020.

Originally, LOATM (at this point, it hasn't been titled yet) was going to be a side story to another sci-fi story that I had a more concrete idea at the time. Deja and Oliz were the first cast members to appear in 2020, as Oliz was important in creating what would be the earliest version of the current plot I have now. It was going to be a small story that would cross paths with the supposed main sci-fi story a couple times.

Then Theia entered the equation in June 2021, and it grew way too big than I first thought that I had to separate it from the other story completely. I think the combination of getting Theia and listening to Time Machine by Miracle Musical solidified the idea I wanted to go for. In August 2021, a few days short of Deja's creation anniversary, I got wild with these three characters and I outlined a plot for it in the meantime.

2022 happened and my attention toward this project kind of lessened with the creation of another story that I'm very normal over (I'm lying I'm never normal about my ocs), but they still mean a lot to me and their story is something I really want to tell soon, whenever I'm able to. They just mean!!! So much to me!!!!

I say most of the time that LOATM was my first story with a somewhat solid plot. Depending on your standards of how much "somewhat" there should be for a plot to be recognized as such, technically I would consider Mundanely Magical's first iteration, Silverskin, as my very first story with the closest approximation of a linear plot. Then it was Strictly Professional, and then LOATM, and then TIA...with LOATM and TIA being my most solid stories to date.


Q: What format will this story take shape?

A: I'm pretty sure I want this to be a webcomic, something that I could (feasibly) do on my own. So that's your answer >:3c

Q: Wait are all three main characters POV characters?

A: Maybe....................Deja is still the main protagonist but Oliz and Theia's stories will get a chance to shine here as well. I think it's appropriate to balance them out I think.

Q: May I make a fancharacter for this story?

Right now--and this applies to all of my current stories--fancharacter-making is only allowed for my friends. I'm planning to release some of the lore first before I allow everyone else to do that...I am a fancharacter enjoyer and I'd honestly be so flattered to see your fancharacters but I have to think more about it first, especially since my stories are very personal and they mean a whole lot to me.

Q: Has someone actually asked you these questions?

A: Not really, I just wanted to add some general Q's in here to fill up this section lmao! I'll add more when it's appropriate.