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fantasy | mystery | drama (PG-16)

content warnings for:
death, violence, strong language, abuse, unethical experimentation, themes of mental illness

Therefore I Am is a story about the birth, discovery, and death of the self and how it affects everyone surrounding it. It is a story about mental illnesses and the danger that disinformation brings. It is a story with magic that you can shoot out of your brain.

Capgras and Cotard, two disoriented individuals who found themselves glued together (literally), asks for the help of Scarlet, Ozzy, and Rafa in rediscovering their pasts and who they really were. Things get a bit complicated when they find themselves entangled in another different mystery, one that they can't get out of so easily.

They would soon realize that maybe these two mysteries may have something to do with each other after all...

the setting

The stage is set in a bustling suburbian city called the Linehan Township. The name has been unchanged for ages despite its developments, but its citizens kind of like it anyways. It's a comfortable city, with a pretty peaceful environment. Nothing is really out of the ordinary in this very normal city...once you consider mind magic something that's always been there. That's how they usually regard it anyways.

Psychomancy is the official name of the magic system that exists within this world. It's a well-researched topic in psychology, but obviously there's still a lot to discover about this peculiar magic, just as much as scientists still have a lot to research about how the brain works. Linehan Township prides itself in its very own Linehan Institute, one of the most prestigious psychology research facilities in the nation, with a lot of emphasis in researching psychomancy.

For some of people though, these sorts of institutes could be a little more gentle towards those struggling with mental illnesses. Unfortunately for them, this is 1974, and the public image of them is less than kind to them. Especially since it's been proven that a person's psychomancy is directly affected by their state of mind. Or is it the other way around...? Either way, that's reason enough to fear these kinds of people for the public. Some psychologists are determined to help, but most of them don't have the best intentions in mind...

the actors


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author's notes

Hello everyone! Gene here, and thank you so much for the interest in my little story. This means a lot to me and I'd really love to release the whole story through...something! I haven't quite decided yet, but that can wait. Funny that I told myself this was just gonna be a small story with OCs based on Will Wood songs...but obviously it grew more than that. I immensely enjoy working on this though, and I hope you enjoy poking around this work in progress! If you want to go back to my main site, you can use the links in the footer.

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